Ice Cold Kisses - Chapter 1 - Mily_Killed_Kenny (2024)

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Kyle could see the light shining from outside, through a window, onto Stan's head, engulfing him in light...Kyle couldn't focus on Kenny and Cartman even though all four were in his room, the only thing on his mind was Stan.

He couldn't even seem to focus on what Stan was saying, and before he could realize he was spacing out he heard the words that seemed to snap him out of it...

"Alright, let's also invite Wendy." Stan said, smiling at the thought of his perfect girlfriend coming.

~Oh right. His girlfriend.~Kyle couldn't help but think. Of course he had to be reminded during this moment of bliss.

"You just wanna bring her so you can make out." Kenny bluntly states, prompting Stan's face to turn red. "You're such an asshole Kenny!" He yells, yet he's clearly smiling.

"Okay, so let me get this straight. We're inviting Craig, Butters, Tweek, Wendy, and Bebe? Dude how are we gonna pay for the snacks?" Kyle says, trying to take his mind off his previous thoughts.

"Of course the Jew is penny pinching." Cartman says, rolling his eyes with a small smirk.

"Do we have to invite him?" Kyle mutters, laying his head back against his headboard. They all pretty much treat Kyle's room like their own at this point, Stan sitting next to him on his bed, Kenny on his desk, and Cartman laying on the floor being an ass.

"First of all, Ky's right. We're literally all broke," Stan begins, but before he can continue Cartman chuckles and glares a Kenny, resulting in a flip off from him.

Stan dramatically clears his throat before continuing, "And second of all, agreed. Do we really need him?"

Kyle smirks at Cartman, glad that Stan always takes his side...Ever since they were kids Stan has always backed him up, no matter what.

"What?! No, you can't just kick me out, I helped plan this party!" Cartman half says half gasps, incredibly dramatically at best.

"Dude, let's send a vote to the invite group chat." Kenny says, snickering. "Oh come on dude, you know the only person that'll say yes to him coming is Butters." Kyle says, prompting Stan to chuckle.

"Well...I don't want to go to your...Jew party anyways! Whatever, I'll do what I want!" He says, walking out, his footsteps clearly stomping down the stairs and through the door.

Normally Kyle's mom, Sheila would have killed him for stomping, but her and Gerald happen to be away for one of Ike's hockey tournaments, which resulted in this party being planned.

"Anyways," Stan half chuckles. Back when they were younger he would've cared, but they're all kind of sick of Cartman's sh*t by now.

"How about we ask everyone to bring one food items, so we only have to worry about buying the movie?" Kenny suggests, he thankfully knows how to budget from experience.

"Oh, that's a good idea! What movie should we rent?" Stan asks before following up with, "Romance?" To which Kenny flatly says, "So you can make a move on Wendy?"

While Stan and Kenny laugh, Kyle just sits there, pretending to smile. Of course he always has to be reminded of their relationship...The room feels tense every time Stan talks about her, and frankly Kyle hates it.

"Nah, let's do horror." Kyle says, once again trying to forget about the Wendy comment. "Dude butters would sh*t himself." Stan responds, laughing a bit... Kyle loved when he laughed, it never failed to make Kyle smile.

"I'm down for a horror movie!" Kenny sings, as he does love horror movies. They can never go to the theater to see them with him because he just ends up laughing his ass off at the parts that are supposed to be scary.

"Dude, we should do It!" Kyle says, smiling. "Have y'all watched It? It's not really scary, but we don't wanna send butters into cardiac arrest." Kenny says, returning the smile.

"Dude, Ken, you've literally watched every horror movie under the sun, and according to you none are scary." Stan says, rolling his eyes and sighing.

"Come on dude, ya scared?" Kyle says, jokingly punching Stan's shoulder lightly. He seems to lighten up. "Fine dude, but just know I'm not going to like it."

Again, Kyle can always get him to agree with him. It's like a power at this point, which Kyle finds both endearing and hilarious.

"I'll make the group chat and invite everyone. I would also add Clyde, but he's probably too busy looking in the god damn mirror." Kyle says, grabbing his phone and doing exactly as he says.


A few minutes later the three have already rented the movie of Prime Video, and are ready to start when the doorbell rings.

"Must be the first person!" Stan says, following up with, "Come on dude, It's your house party, you gotta at least be there when I open the door."

"Okay, okay." Kyle dramatically sighs before Stan just grabs his arm and pulls him off the sofa, automatically making Kyle's face turn almost as red as his hair.

He looks away, hoping to cover his easily flustered face from Stan. He's not typically easily flustered though...But when it comes to Stan? Oh boy.

"Dude, you're squeezing my arm." Kyle complains, secretly not wanting him to let go, but he does as he opens to door.

"Hey Bebe!" He says, noticing Wendy behind her right away. "Wends!" He says excitedly pulling her inside.

"Hey babe!" She cheerfully sings as he pulls her hands to his chest. ~God, they're cute together.~
Kyle thinks...Of course he doesn't want to think that, but he can't help it...

Just looking at Wendy makes him angry sometimes...But he doesn't hate her. He could never hate her. She's just so kind and smart...She's literally almost perfect, of course she has her flaws, but the point stands. And she's been nothing but nice to him...How could anyone hate her? Except for Cartman of course...And that was the one thing Kyle hated about Wendy: she was nearly un-hateable.

Kyle simply sat there and watched as Stan and Wendy's lips touched, their faces lit up and happy...All he could do was imagine himself in the place of Wendy, replacing Stan's perfect girlfriend as his perfect boyfriend...

Ice Cold Kisses - Chapter 1 - Mily_Killed_Kenny (2024)
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