Chromebook setting up email: with this guide you will always succeed (2023)

do you want you Chromebook set up email? And you don't know yet which app you want to use. We are happy to help you in this extensive guide. We'll walk you through the necessary steps and discuss some apps you can use.

De Chromebook once started as a handy laptop for all kinds of simple tasks, but the device has now grown into a full-fledged laptop replacement that you can work on, Using Office, browse en gaming. However, Google has never lost sight of the basic tasks.

This way you can still send emails with the device. But you Chromebook setting up email, how do you do that exactly? Well, that depends on the app you want to use. Within the Google Play Store you will find a number of useful email options.

Chromebook setup email: Gmail

For many users, they are the default gmailuse app. Gmail is Google's email service that comes with your Google account. And since you are a Chromebook If you don't set up without a Google account, chances are you also use Gmail as your default email service.

The Gmail app defaults to one Chromebook and can therefore be used immediately. After you have logged in to your Chromebook with your Google account, open the Gmail app and go through a few steps (if this is your first time). You will then immediately have access to all your emails.

Since you are already in the (digital) ecosystem of Google, chances are you want to leave it at that. After all, you don't have to separate apps to download and not to log in to all kinds of accounts. But what if you still want to use another service? We list a few.

Microsoft Outlook: the best email app?

De Microsoft Outlook app is considered one of the best email apps out there. You can log in to this with a Microsoft account and then get access to 7 GB of free cloud storage. In addition, there is direct integration with Skype calling service.

In addition, Outlook automatically categorizes your emails, creating the necessary overview in the wild email jungle. The interface is also quite clear and the app loads the emails quite quickly. Finally, you can also log in with third-party accounts.

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Thunderbird: for those who want more

Gmail and Outlook have the great advantage that you are ready quickly. You log in and immediately get access to your emails. You don't have to set complicated things and the interface is accessible. But for those who want more, Thunderbird is the email service from Mozilla (the company behind the Firefox browser).

With this app you add all kinds of accounts from other providers, such as Gmail, Ziggo and Microsoft and you gain access to modern technologies and possibilities (with terms such as IMAP, POP and more). Your mails are also sorted by date, tags, groups and folders; just how you want it.

If you want more freedom for you Chromebook set up email, then you are in the right place with Thunderbird. You do need to have a little more understanding of what the possibilities are, but the threshold is not so high that you will never succeed. Give the app a try!

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Limited availability

Official version of Office 365
Suitable for Chromebook
Can also be used in browser

Spark: The slick, comprehensive email app for Chromebooks

Spark is a very comprehensive email app that offers many possibilities, but is also handy and easy to customize. The team behind Spark is very active in development and new features are regularly rolled out.

Do you want a slightly better Outlook mail app for you Chromebook, then Spark is definitely a good option. Of course you can also use it on your smartphone or tablet. Spark is free to use, but also offers the option to use a 'team inbox' for a fee, very handy.

So with Spark you have a very good, extensive mail app for this Chromebook, totally free. In addition, most email services are supported, such as Gmail, Live and more.

BlueMail for mail management

Finally, there is the mail app BlueMail. With this app you can receive emails from other accounts, just like with Thunderbird. It does not matter whether you use Gmail, Outlook or another provider, for example. There is support for IMAP and POP3, among other things.

The interface is quite user-friendly and the app works incredibly fast, making emailing a breeze. Please note, because there are two versions of BlueMail. The first version is free and the second version will cost you a few euros per month. These types of apps are especially useful if you only want to use one app for all kinds of different accounts.

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Ziggo up Chromebook gebruiken

We get a lot of questions about Ziggo regarding Chromebook set up email. Is it possible to add your Ziggo account to your Chromebook, so that you can then receive your mail on that device? Yes, that is quite possible.

You can add your Ziggo account to an email app of your choice, provided it is able to receive emails from other accounts. In the step-by-step plan below, we take Gmail as an example, because this app is present on a Chromebook.

Using Ziggo Mail on Chromebook

The step-by-step plan below shows you how to receive Ziggo mail on your Chromebook. In principle, you can also use other apps for this task, provided they have the same features as Gmail.

If this is your first time opening the Gmail app, go through the steps until you get to the section Add email address have arrived.

Isn't this the first time, but do you still want to add Ziggo to Gmail? Then press your profile picture after opening the app and select the option Add another account.

Select the Other option at the very bottom.

From now on it doesn't matter whether you opened the app for the first time or not. Enter your Ziggo email address now.

Press manual set.

In the next screen, indicate that this is an IMAP account. So you choose the Personal (IMAP) option.

Enter the password of your account.

After entering the password, click the blue Next button.

You now need the Incoming server settings Set up.

Fill in the information below:

User name: this is the email address of your Ziggo account.

Password: this is the password of your Ziggo account.


Security type:SSL / TLS

Now press Next again.

We are almost there.

Now we need the Outgoing server settings Set up.

Use the information below for this:

User name:your full email address

Password:the password of your email address


Wait a few moments for the app to finish checking.

Now press Next again.

Now enter the name that others will see.

You enter your own name here, so that people can see who sent the email.

Finally, select Take me to Gmail.

From this moment you can use the Gmail app to receive your Ziggo mail on your Chromebook.

Again: you can also use one of the other mail apps for this. The steps are then not quite the same, but you Chromebook Setting up email should just work if you pay attention to the right terms. So if you prefer to use Outlook or BlueMail, that is fortunately no problem.

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