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“Man makes plans and God laughs.”This phrase seemed to haunt Naruto since his birth, his parents who died the day he was born, he almost failed the academy because of the teachers. Then came the tranquility of team 7... constantly fighting with their teammates, the disastrous chunnin exam where their considerate grandfather died, the failure to stop their teammate from reneging where everyone almost died.

Naruto had a taste of a normal life when he spent 3 years traveling with his perverted godfather, however all that soon changed with the news of Kazekage Gaara's capture, being too late to save his friend really broke him, but luckily he was revived , then there was his new teammate who was completely tongue-tied, when he finally found Sasuke he tried to kill him, when Asuma died leaving his pregnant wife behind he was a reinforcement for team 10 who sought revenge, not to mention that he failed In preventing the Sanbi from being caught by Akatsuki, he suffered Jiraiya's death and the destruction of Konoha.

When he received the news that Sasuke was ordered to die he felt his heart sink, it didn't help finding out that he joined Akatsuki and tried to capture the Eight-Tails, when Sakura declared herself he knew it was a lie and it didn't help that he discovered her feelings for the brunette , and then came the war along with the achievement of becoming Kurama's friend, his friend Neji almost died to save his life and survived only by miracle, but soon he came close to rock bottom on his birthday when he had to fight against a goddess for the survival of the human race.

When Kakashi was named Rokudaime Hokage Naruto felt he could finally be happy, the great nations were at peace, all his friends survived the war, Kurama was the only bijuu still sealed in her jinchuuriki and, best of all, Naruto and Sasuke were falling in love.

Naruto wanted to tell everyone, but the brunette insisted that they keep it a secret to avoid malicious comments, the blonde ended up accepting reluctantly, but that didn't stop him from telling whoever he thought was important, so he told Tsunade and Kakashi (the Hokages). ), Iruka (his second father), Shikamaru and Chouji (his brothers from another mother), with everyone promising to keep it a secret until they decide to reveal their relationship to the people.

Naruto and Sasuke had even given themselves over to carnal pleasures, every night they met at the blonde's house to exchange caresses throughout the night, where only the giant fox would witness the moans and obscenities said in that room, it was the best year that Naruto could have in his recently reached 18 years.

However, not everything was a bed of roses, after a year of happiness Naruto began to notice Sasuke acting strangely, he no longer looked for the blonde every day and when the brunette showed up he always came with some excuse, until he didn't. I was looking for him more.

During this long time, the Uzumaki began to receive training for when he took on the role of Hokage, but as Kakashi was very lazy, this work fell to Iruka, when he met his sensei he came across a scene that broke his heart, Sasuke and Sakura were in the middle of the street kissing.

– Oh! Naruto! – Exclaimed the pink girl, finally noticing the presence of her other teammate. – Guess what, Sasuke just asked me to get engaged, even though we've only been dating for a month. – She said excitedly, showing the silver ring on her finger, while the brunette avoided facing the jinchuuriki at all costs.

– Oh! How cool, Sakura-Chan. – The Uzumaki commented, forcing a smile on his face while his chest tightened and something turned violently in his stomach. – Well, congratulations to the newlyweds. – He said, turning and walking away.

– Aren't you going to Iruka-Sensei's house? – Asked the Haruno confused.

– I just got back from there. – He said, still walking away. – He has a cold, so I'm going to enjoy my day off. – Naruto lied as he fought with all his strength not to shed any tears.

Naruto didn't know where he got enough strength to get home, but it disappeared when the door closed behind him, the blonde allowed himself to cry and suffer like he had never done before, not even with the news of Jiraiya's death. Kurama was disgusted by the scene they witnessed earlier, over time he became fond of the blonde, but now he was worried about the sanity of his jinchuuriki, the fox could feel through the telepathic link that the two shared that this blow made the Uzumaki abandon his dream of being Hokage, he was even close to giving up on his own life.

Naruto cried until he fell asleep still at the door of his apartment, when the blonde appeared unconscious in the mental landscape of the seal Kurama put his desperate plan into practice, as soon as he took control of his jinchuuriki's body he looked at the clock and smiled, it was missing a few hours for the sun to set would give enough time.

Kurama might even hate the ninjutsu that Indra had created, but the almost two centuries sealed in Uzumakis taught him some tricks, making a cross sign with his fingers, the fox created ten clones of the blonde under his control, without needing to say anything, eight of them jumped. the window and left, the two remaining clones began to pack everything and put it in sealed parchments, meanwhile the original fox took a sheet of paper to write a letter imitating Naruto's handwriting, as she knew it would take a while to find it she did the Kindly put the date, with that finished he went to help the clones finish packing everything.

When night fell Kurama had everything ready, he put the parchments in a small backpack and took the farewell letter and handed it to the only clone that still remained. Leaving the apartment he didn't bother to lock it, after all he would never return. Sneaking through the shadows like an animal preparing to attack, Kurama went towards the village wall, when he was almost there he received the clone's memories, he had placed the letter under a pile of papers that Hatake would need to review.

As soon as he crossed the walls of Konoha without being noticed he was flooded by memories of the clones he had sent, the fox had to hold himself back from laughing at the irony of fate, at the time of Hashirama's hunt Shukaku was the only one humiliatingly sealed while he slept, however, now, decades later, Ichibi was the only one awake when he received a visit from the clone.

– You're full of fun, aren't you, mangy fox?– Asked the one-tailed bijuu appearing in the seal next to his sleeping brothers.

“Are you irritated about being sealed again?”The fox asked amusedly as she took advantage of the telepathic link she used so much with her jinchuuriki.

– You only made it because I was careless! –Exclaimed the tanuki irritated, but only receiving a cynical laugh in response.– After all, are you going to say why you are doing this or not?

“When our brothers wake up.” Replied to the fox after controlling his laughing fit.

– Then wake them up!– Shukaku complained in a bad mood.

“Feel free to wake them up, but start with Nabi.”Kurama replied, opening an animalistic smile.“You know how much she LOVES it when they disturb her sleep.”

– Can you at least tell us where we are going?– The desert spirit asked, trembling with fear, he still remembered when he almost lost an eye by accidentally waking her up.

“Let’s pass through Tou-Sama’s lands before we actually start traveling.”Explained the fox while he was still running at full speed through the Land of Fire.

– The Land of Whirlwinds? –Asked the raccoon, receiving confirmation from the fox before they remained silent for the rest of the trip.

A ninja among wizards - Chapter 1 - Deadly_Tree (2024)
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