11 hidden Apple Watch features you should be using every day (2024)

I wear my Apple Watch Ultra 2 every day. It has several hidden features that make my life easier, whether when I’m working out or trying to find my iPhone.

If you love your Apple Watch and want to step things up with new, hidden features, this article is for you. Here are 11 of the Apple Watch’s hidden features you should use daily.

Offline maps: With watchOS 10, Apple now lets you download offline maps on iOS 17 and see them on Apple Watch. We have a guide teaching you how to download offline maps in Apple Maps. It works with your Watch as long as you don’t have an internet connection and your iPhone is nearby.

NameDrop from iPhone to Apple Watch:You might have heard much about NameDrop when Apple released iOS 17. It lets you easily share your contact information from one iPhone to another by approaching them. With watchOS 10.1, it’s possible to do the same by approaching your Apple Watch Series 6 or newer to an iPhone; this is definitely one of its best hidden features.

Swipe to switch your main watch face: This beloved feature was removed and then readded in a watchOS update. To activate it, you need to go to your Apple Watch Settings, Clock, and turn it on.

Create a custom workout: On the Workouts app, you can tap the three-dot button of exercises to reveal custom workout plans. You can base your train on distance, pace, time, calories, and even repetitions (with rest intervals). It’s a pro feature that makes your life way easier.

Custom Apple Fitness+ workout plan: New Apple Watch features for Apple Fitness Plus include the ability tocreate a custom plan for your workouts. If you have a goal, such as a personal event, or want to lose weight, you can select your weekly schedule, how long you are planning to work out per day, the length of the plan (up to 8 weeks), and the activity types you’re planning to engage. Once you decide that, you can say exactly what kind of workout you want to practice each day, for how long, which trainer you prefer, and what type of music you want.

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Control Apple TV: You can control your Apple TV using your iPhone, but did you know it’s also available on your Apple Watch? Just look for the app with a blue background and white “Play” icon Watchur Watch to select your Apple TV and control it even without your remote nearby.

Find your iPhone: With an Apple Watch Series 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2, you can locate your iPhone 15 with Precision Find. Tap the Watch’s side button and then the button to ring your phone. If your phone is in the Apple Watch’s range, its location will appear.

Log your state of mind: Once or twice daily, the Apple Watch will ask how you’re feeling. By logging your state of mind, you can understand what’s affecting your mood and how to take action to improve your mental health.

On-device queries:Users canask Siri to read and log on-device Health requests. This change not only makes requests faster but more private and secure to users, as Siri can be used to access the Health app for health and fitness-related queries on-device (available for Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2).

Handwashing: Even after the pandemic, there are some habits we can’t let go of, such as washing our hands for 20 seconds. On your iPhone’s Watch app, there are two Handwashing features you should turn on: Handwashing Timer and Handwashing Reminders, so you’re always keeping your hands clean.

Apple Watch Mirroring: This Apple Watch accessibility feature is also great if your display is cracked or unresponsive. On your iPhone’s Settings app, open Accessibility, Apple Watch Mirroring, and then turn it on for as long as you need it.

Wrap up

These are 11 hidden features of the Apple Watch I often use. I can’t wait for watchOS 11 to bring even more gems and make the Watch even more helpful.

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11 hidden Apple Watch features you should be using every day (2024)
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